the Slate Islands

Here is a shuttle contact: Caribou Charters

Doug Caldwell

Ph: (807) 825-3719; (807) 825-9713

  1. What others said.

  2. The Slate Islands are a relatively unknown gem, and I'm sure you'll have a great time. I guarantee you'll see caribou.

  3. If you had 4 days*, I'd paddle around the larger island, if the weather outlook looked promising. (Bring a weather radio.)

  4. *You could paddle around in 2 days, but 4 would give you some cushion, and time to explore.

  5. At the Slates there are several good campsites. "Cabin camping" is available at the Come-and-rest on McColl Island (very nice -- it even comes with a 'resident' caribou, "Clarabelle"); there is an older, run down cabin nearby on Patterson Island, beside an old timber barge. There are many possible sites to camp on Patterson Island, and a few on Mortimer. We base camped 2 nights on the inside of Patterson, then moved and spent 1 night on the east side of Patterson, 1 night on the south side of Patterson, and then the last night on the north side of Mortimore.

  6. First impressions.


The pictures are here, the trip report is finished.

What we did.

2 day drive up.

1.Taxi to the island.

Set up camp and explore.

2. Explore more.

3. Break camp. Paddle to south end. Set up camp.

  1. 4.Paddle to Lighthouse.

  2. 5.Break camp Paddle back to first camp.

  3. 6.Taxi back to Terrace Bay. Drive to LSPP

  4. 8.Hiking in LSPP. Drive to Massey.

  5. 9.Drive back to Toronto

2 Days left for wind days. So prepare for 7, hope to e done in 5 if everything goes well. 9-11 days including travel.

There are tons of interesting things about these islands. The islands were created by a meteor hit a billion years ago, and have what is probably the largest shatter cone on the planet. The meteor is estimated to have been 30km across and punched 3 km into the earth. NASA has been up to see it. It The other big attractions are the chance to photograph caribou, the lighthouse, the copper mine and the amazing geology. Where else can you se 30 meter shatter cones and lava dykes side by side.. Plus it has industrial ruins from both mining and logging activities. 


The way to the Slates  (Beginning of Trip Report.)

Slate Islands Interactive

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