Wilderness Awareness Adventures


I had planned to get up early, but a number of things slowed me down and I eventually got into Sudbury late thursday evening. That proved costly as I was unable to go to a campground or even find a cheap motel. At least I got a discount for being so late.

The next morning I drove off to Matasagami Lake to meet up with other participants at the public access point. By the time I got there, many were already on the water
.The friendly discussions had already started , people were introducing themselves and chatting. About 20 people asked me if I needed help. I was the last to leave, but soon found most of the group waiting just ahead, not wanting to lose anyone on the way in. It wasn’t long before the rains started, they would continue all weekend. Not that anyone really cared. This was, for the most part an experienced group of campers. No one added up the total number amount of  time they’d collectively spent in bad weather on long trips, but I’m guessing it would have been years.

We went to discuss ways to help the Ontario Government to see its way clear to restore park status to this area. But instead of a conference in downtown Toronto, the Friends of Chiniguchi decided to invite us out onto the land in question. I went, not as a member of an organization but as a person, who’s been to the area before and believes it’s worthy of park status.

Wolf Lake Gathering   July  2007

Mike McIntosh the gathering organizer, Friends of Chiniguchi, in the red Jacket. Me blocking the view.